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The Founding 50

From Vision to Reality

The term "The Founding 50" holds special significance for the Southern Georgia Black Chambers. It refers to the esteemed group of the first 50 businesses that demonstrated unwavering support for our organization's vision and mission by securing membership.

These visionary businesses played a pivotal role in laying the foundation for the SGBC's journey and growth. As pioneers, they embraced the idea of a chamber of commerce dedicated to uplifting and empowering Black-owned businesses and professionals in Southern Georgia.

Through their commitment and alignment with our vision, "The Founding 50" showcased their dedication to creating economic opportunities, fostering entrepreneurship, and building vibrant communities for all. Their trailblazing spirit serves as an inspiration and reminder of the transformative impact that businesses can have when they come together to advocate for progress and inclusivity.

We are deeply grateful for "The Founding 50" and their instrumental role in our organization's evolution. Their support has paved the way for future generations of entrepreneurs and strengthened our mission to create a more equitable and prosperous business landscape in Southern Georgia.

Together, we forge a path of progress, empowerment, and unity, inspired by the vision and commitment of "The Founding 50."

Meet The Legacy

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